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Qtech Solutions Inc is training the clinical workforce of the future. With our 16 programs over 5 different domains, our students are prepared to take on more than 100 different job titles. Our courses are designed with the intended job in mind, making sure that your new hires are ready to take on any entry level position. Whether you need a clinical research or drug safety associate for an upcoming trial, or in need of a healthcare business analyst to take care of your reporting needs, our candidates are ready to hit the ground running on day one. Our training programs take care of the minute details of day to day clinical research work, giving them the equivalent of 2 years of on the job training, making them perfect for any entry level position our clients may have.

By creating an alliance with Qtech Solutions Inc, you will have first access to our qualified professionals when they’re ready to enter the workforce. Our classes are approved by both the New Jersey Department of Education and the Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Our job focused training shows them how to perform the tasks needed so that they’re ready for entry level work. Our students provide quality work and making sure that every data point is correct. By hiring one of our students, you’ll be able to join the numerous other companies who have taken on our students to their clinical research programs.




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